CEO C-Data Group : Fares A. Nassar

With a fluency in languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Arabic) and broadband technologies (he has published numerous papers on the subject), Mr. Fares Nassar, the CEO of C-Data Networks Group Holding, has held many key executive positions over the course of his career. Fares has worked as an engineering manager and has directed marketing, sales, and products at leading vendors such as IBM and Ericsson, where he was responsible for broadband access products worldwide. Now a key member of the Comium family, he has had many business triumphs, not the least of which was the creation of Lotier, a successful business development consulting company he founded in Latin America.


CSO C-data Group : Dr.Khaldoun Farhat

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Dr. Khaldoun Farhat, Chief Strategy Officer(CSO) of C-Data holding, has over 25 years experience in telecom, mostly in wireless operations and business. 
He led C-Data strategy since inception with five green-field broadband operations. His proven management skills involve him in administration and financial management, human resource issues, identification of markets and trends, business development analysis as well as technical expertise in wireless technologies and broadband.
Dr.Farhat held key positions in UK and ME with ERA Technology and Dar-Handasah consultants. He holds a B.Eng (Hon.) in Electronic Engineering and a Ph.D in Communication Engineering from the University of Sheffield, UK and has lectured at the American University of Beirut for over 9 years.
He is the author of a book and over 20 journal publications and has contributed to eight conferences and was awarded the 1987 best-paper prize by the IEE (UK).



COO C-Data Group : Tony F. Ghattas

Bringing more than 20 years of progressive executive experience in internet, data and mobile communications to the Comium family, Mr. Tony Ghattas is the COO of Comium’s C-Data Networks Group Holding, directing strategic development and operation. Ghattas, who is also Comium’s vice president of business development in charge of acquiring GSM and WiMAX licenses across the African continent, is well-suited for such wide-ranging responsibilities having, earlier in his career, Tony played a critical role in making LibanCell the first Lebanese operator to deliver prepaid GSM and Mobile Internet services through the introduction of GPRS, before going on to guide Cisco Systems’ business development across the Middle East.